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• Presentation

It consists of one, two or three turbines fixed or installed on a mobile platform. Depending on requirements, one of the turbines may be installed as a satellite installation. Our equipment is mobile and autonomous, and thus very easy and practical to use for targeted action close to the location to be treated

This new concept which we are offering was devised and then manufactured in our production shops, and is covered by a filed patent.

When operating, our device combines the effect of powerful blowing with spraying of an active agent. When uncoupled, our turbines remain mobile and can be operated manually. Their diffusion angles (lateral or vertical) are adjusted according to your requirements. The user is responsible for connecting water and electricity

• Operation

The blend (water/product containing an anti-scale product) can be produced manually in a tank supplied with the system, or directly by a dosing pump in the case of a pressurised water supply. Both these options are possible with our equipment in order to satisfy all requirements, including in the hypothesis of use in another site.

This active blend is sprayed in a powerful fashion, at a dispersal angle enabling the product to be blended perfectly with the gaseous masses to be treated.

Using exclusively non-toxic and non-chemical products, which are compatible with European standards (I.F.R.A. and R.I.F.M.) without any danger for people or the environment. All our formulae are REACH pre-registered

An electrical cabinet operates the pumps and the turbines, and also their emergency stops. A programming clock is incorporated in the system.

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