photo neutralair photo Turbo Air
photo neutralair photo Turbo Air

• Presentation

It enables active and fragrance-bearing molecules to be released in kitchen extraction systems. The total absence of humidity in the treatment creates no source of bacterial growth. Connection to the extraction system causes no load loss.

Neutralair is a simple, economical and reliable solution which answers concerns for hygiene.

Our device is available in 3 models: 6, 12 or 18 cassettes

• Operation

When it passes into the device the air is charged with fragrance-bearing molecules. Inside the case the air flows through a baffle system, creating a pressure difference which causes the product to be expelled through the orifices of the cassette.

Inside, a treated plant fibre material impregnated with essential oils determines the volume of product sent towards the perforations of the cassette.

By renewing the cassettes in rotation each month the duration and constancy of the fragrance over time are improved.