• Insecticide PYNASUMI

The BEAC insecticide is a concentrate which has been specially designed
and is ideally appropriate.

It has been formulated to contain only photolabile pyrethroids as active substances, to give a highly effective product with a very short lifetime in the environment.

Composition and properties

The BEAC insecticide contains a carefully optimised blend of photolabile insecticides.

  1. Contamination agent PYNAMIN FORTE

    This agent is the commonly used series name of Allethrin, a contamination agent. Allethrin is a pair of relative synthetic compounds used in the insecticide. Pyrethroid is a synthetic form of the chemical which is naturally found in the flower chrysanthemum. This means that it gives an extremely rapid contamination, particularly in relation to flies and mosquitoes. PYNASUMI has a very low toxicity for mammals. It is very rapidly biodegradable when exposed to light, such that there is no residual presence in the environment

  2. Mortality agent SUMITHRIN

    This agent is one of the most effective ones known for insects, and it is also photolabile. In terms of mammal toxicity, this agent is one of the safest pyrethroids ever synthesised. Its use by spreading enables a formula to be produced giving excellent results, containing no residual insecticide.

  3. Technical and standardisation support

    The insecticide BEAC is protected by an international patent in collaboration with an international laboratory (full registration of the toxicological, stability and efficacy data). The products designed using the BEAC insecticide have been tested in the laboratories of Bi-Eaux-Air Concept.

• Insecticide PYRIPROX

Composition and properties

PYRIPROX is an insect hormone imitator and insect growth regulator. It affects the physiology of reproduction, morphogenesis and embryogenesis of insects. The morphogenetic effect is seen principally during the larva-pupal or nymphal-adult transformation. In the presence of PYRIPROX various degrees of incomplete metamorphosis can be seen.

Due to such unique modes of action PYRIPROX prevents the successful growth of insect populations.