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• Floralair

An innovative process for creating ambiance fragrances by diffusion of a flow of dry air.

Floralair gives your clients high-quality olfactory comfort (shelves in large stores, shops, offices, medical premises, etc.), and creates a perfumed atmosphere which can be targeted: zoning.

Floralair is easy to hide in decoration, it is discreet and efficient, and its olfactory impact can surprise and attract your clients by means of the fragrance (cultivation of customer loyalty). Your clients can thus be guided according to the scents…

The constancy of the fragrance over time is guaranteed, with the renewal each month by rotation of the refills (perfume cassettes).

The device can be adjusted, and is fitted with a programming clock, which means you can select the operating times you need.

It is very simple and practical to use since it can be positioned horizontally or vertically. Il permet de traiter des volumes différents en fonction de la capacité du modèle choisi :

- Floralair 600
- Floralair 1200

• Mistralia II

An innovative process to create ambiance fragrances (in extraction or ventilation systems).

Bi-Eaux-Air Concept sought to find a simple, economic and reliable solution which is environmentally friendly.

By transforming the liquid perfume into a volatile mass through spraying by pneumatic atomisation, this device enables fragrance-bearing molecules to be released without increasing humidity, which is a source of bacterial growth. Mistralia II is an effective solution to process flow rates over 9,000 m3/hour.

This innovative process has a very low maintenance cost and a very low perfume consumption.